5 reasons I’m done with Microsoft office

Since using a PC for the first time at school (windows 3.1 no less), the Microsoft Office suite has always just been 'there', ready to use and only a short cut away. In all my subsequent new laptops and PC builds l have always installed it without thinking, as a housekeeping matter, right after the OS booted up for the first time. But here in 2015 it's [...]

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The headache of automatic activity tracking and posting

It's no secret that I enjoy a good run and love a good gadget. What mystifies me a lot of the time though is the modern trend of recording everything you do, and then doing [...]

Space propulsion Innovation Awards

I'm proud to have played a small role in helping colleagues to win the top prize at the prestigious, UK Space Propulsion Innovation Awards. My involvement in this was limited [...]

EL wire running jacket featured on Instructables

I've just published a new project on Instructables, an EL wire running jacket for staying safe when running in dark winter nights. The project has been featured by [...]

Royal Mint design competition entry – Designing the new one pound coin!

A few months ago the Royal Mint announced a design competition to design the new one pound coin, naturally I entered. This was a chance to be responsible for an iconic piece [...]

Oxfam Water Tap Project

My lack of project activity recently can probably be chalked up to the fact that I've been spending all of my free time working on an very worthwhile open source design [...]

Sheffield Man of Steel Race

On Sunday I completed the Sheffield Man of Steel race. While making the decision as whether to run the race or not I kept saying to myself "It's only 10k, how bad can it [...]

Laser Cut Medal Hanger

(Perhaps in a fit of vanity) I decided that a medal hanging solution, for my office, was a good idea.   [...]