The headache of automatic activity tracking and posting

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good run and love a good gadget. What mystifies me a lot of the time though is the modern trend of recording everything you do, and then doing nothing with the data! How many people do you know with a GoPro® who record everything and then leave the footage gathering dust on an SD card in a drawer somewhere?

When I finally found a fitness tracking gadget I liked (in the Sony Smartwatch 3) I decided that I should make the most of the recorded information. The plan was to update this blog and post to twitter automatically after each activity, sounds simple right? Wrong!


Current app/service flow for posting run data

The image shows how my data is passed between different apps and services in order to accomplish what I want, six in total. And believe it or not, this is the most streamlined solution I found, solutions involving RunKeeper® and Runtastic® were even more complex.

I guess at some point there will be more demand to automate things in the way I’m doing here, and at that point there will be an easier solution. For now though, I just hope the apps I’m using keep playing nice with each other.