Quadcopter first flight footage

Below is a video recorded during the first real flight of my quadcopter, using the 808 #16 camera which was mounted on board. The quad makes use of the anti-vibrational mount I detailed previously. Considering the test flight was performed on a really windy day, I’m very pleased with the results.

I’m really happy with the first test of the quad and the resulting video, there are however a number of issues I need to rectify. Firstly the anti vibrational mount isn’t performing properly, I suspect that because the mount is cantilevered from the front of the quad the entire arrangement is prone to excessive movement. In order to reduce the vibration seen in the video I think I’ll need to replace the centre part of the airframe with something of my own design.

Secondly the brightness and colour of the video are all over the place, since filming the test flight I’ve rectified this problem by adjusting the image settings on the 808 #16 camera.