Quadcopter anti-vibrational mount

The motivation behind my quadcopter project was to develop a platform for aerial photography. As a first step I thought I would try attaching one of my action cameras to the quad for a test flight, as my 808 #16 camera is no longer in regular use it was the ideal candidate. After my experiences with the rolling shutter effect and my Mobius camera I knew I would need to isolate the camera from the vibrations generated by the quadcopter motors.

The above photos show the mount I designed and made, it consists of two plates connected by stiff silicone tubing. The top plate it secured to the quad body using Sugru while the bottom plate attaches to the camera. The design intent was that the silicone tubing is stiff enough to hold the camera in place while flexible enough to absorb the vibration. I should hopefully be able to perform a test flight of the quad in the near future.