Estings Competition Entry 2013

Each year television channel E4 holds a competition for viewers to design ‘estings’ (channel ident videos), short videos that are played between programming and adverts. The aim is to make a video which is funny/amusing/ interesting and conforms with the existing channel branding. This year I decided to enter the completion. The rules were simple create a 10 second long video which made use of the backing music provided by E4 for the purposes of the competition. Here is my finished video:

In order to make the video I modelled all components in computer aided design software PTC Creo, components were then imported into the Keyshot rendering software. All animations were created manually in Keyshot and the finished video was exported at a suitable video quality. Finally I added the sound effects and the backing music using the windows movie maker video editor.

Unfortunately the video was not selected for use on-air by E4, although I am very pleased with the overall result.