Time-lapse panning mount – from an egg timer

OK so this isn’t strictly a new idea but I couldn’t help giving it a go. I designed and printed a custom enclosure for a cheap egg timer. The timer sits between a tripod and my mobius camera and pans the camera while it records in time-lapse mode. This was my first real attempt at a time-lapse video and I couldn’t be happier with the result. An unexpected benefit of using the Mobius camera in picture mode was that the resulting video is actually above HD resolution (1440p to be exact)!

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Mobius Camera

The ‘Mobius’ camera is the successor to the 808 #16 keychain camera that I’ve used previously. The camera offers a number of improvements (besides a much better name) including 1080p recording, longer battery life and compatibility with a mounting clip which allows the use of a tripod screw. I’m hoping to make a lot more videos using this camera

808 #16 Keychain Camera

Following the rise in popularity of helmet mounted cameras over the past few years, I decided I wanted to get in on the act. After reviewing my options I realised that I didn’t want to commit to £400 worth of ‘gopro’ camera, after all it was going to be mounted to a helmet and a some point will likely run the risk of being damaged. A little research led me to some cheap ‘keychain’ style cameras for sale on eBay, normally I would assume the video quality of something like this would be terrible and look straight past it.
808 keychain camera


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Olympus EPL-1

After a lot of deliberating I’ve acquired an Olympus EPL-1 micro four thirds camera. For me its the best mix of manual control and superb image quality in a small form factor. This means that, unlike carrying a large DSLR, I won’t be in any danger of looking like I know what I’m doing too much.