The headache of automatic activity tracking and posting

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good run and love a good gadget. What mystifies me a lot of the time though is the modern trend of recording everything you do, and then doing nothing with the data! How many people do you know with a GoPro® who record everything and then leave the footage gathering dust on an SD card in a drawer somewhere?

When I finally found a fitness tracking gadget I liked (in the Sony Smartwatch 3) I decided that I should make the most of the recorded information. The plan was to update this blog and post to twitter automatically after each activity, sounds simple right? Wrong!


Current app/service flow for posting run data

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Space propulsion Innovation Awards

I’m proud to have played a small role in helping colleagues to win the top prize at the prestigious, UK Space Propulsion Innovation Awards. My involvement in this was limited to project managing the entries and giving some feedback on presentation style and content, I’m thrilled to have been part of this though.



Royal Mint design competition entry – Designing the new one pound coin!

A few months ago the Royal Mint announced a design competition to design the new one pound coin, naturally I entered. This was a chance to be responsible for an iconic piece of design which will be in the public gaze for years to come. The royal mint provided a template showing the new shape (12 sided) and bi colours (similar to the two pound coin) of the new coin. Applicants were instructed that the design should represent modern Britain and include the denomination “one pound” somewhere in the design.

The three designs above are my entries to the competition, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Entries have now closed and are being judged, results are expected in early 2015.

Oxfam Water Tap Project

My lack of project activity recently can probably be chalked up to the fact that I’ve been spending all of my free time working on an very worthwhile open source design project for oxfam. The project is to design a low cost water dispensing solution, which encourages use my children in a sanitary manner, you can read more about the project here : Oxfam Open Design Project. Here is how my design has progressed so far:


Click the photo for more info about my design

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Casing concepts for open hardware project

It occurred to me yesterday that I had completed concept designs for some password protection hardware, then completely forgotten about the project! You can follow the current progress of the hardware on the Hackaday website (search for ‘mooltipass’). After submitting concept designs for this open hardware project it became apparent that the goal of the project was to develop hardware for experts / pro-users, this isn’t something I really have an interest in as I believe every piece of design should be approachable and user friendly as possible. Still, I think the renders I produced look really good.

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