Quadcopter anti-vibrational mount

The motivation behind my quadcopter project was to develop a platform for aerial photography. As a first step I thought I would try attaching one of my action cameras to the quad for a test flight, as my 808 #16 camera is no longer in regular use it was the ideal candidate. After my experiences with the rolling shutter effect and my Mobius camera I knew I would need to isolate the camera from the vibrations generated by the quadcopter motors.

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Standing desk on the cheap

While I think the health benefits of a standing desk are often overstated, my daily routine currently consists entirely of sitting down (work, car, home) save for the occasional 40 minute run, so standing for at least part of my day couldn’t hurt. I’ve toyed with the idea of using a standing desk for a while now, today I finally took the plunge. Using this great guide to I made myself a standing desk unit for £12!

Quadcopter modification one

After a few practice flights I noticed that the protective foam ring was doing relatively little, so I decided to remove it. The foam ring is approximately the same weight as my Mobius camera so hopefully in future modifications I’ll be able to attach this camera with no detriment to overall performance. There are several versions of this particular quad for sale and a large number of instructional videos for performing certain modifications, the foam removal video can be found below.

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Quadcopter has arrived

The X-30 quadcopter arrived today! The quadcopter transmitter offers three choices for ‘thrust level’, I kept this at the lowest 30% setting. This meant that the quad would not respond to my control inputs so rapidly or aggressively, perfect for learning to fly. Flying of the quad was much more difficult than I anticipated, as the quad is relatively small and light it is affected more than I expected by the wind.

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