Casing concepts for open hardware project

It occurred to me yesterday that I had completed concept designs for some password protection hardware, then completely forgotten about the project! You can follow the current progress of the hardware on the Hackaday website (search for ‘mooltipass’). After submitting concept designs for this open hardware project it became apparent that the goal of the project was to develop hardware for experts / pro-users, this isn’t something I really have an interest in as I believe every piece of design should be approachable and user friendly as possible. Still, I think the renders I produced look really good.

The design brief was to produce a casing design for a hardware password keeper, the design needed to comprise user interface, a slot for a smart card to be inserted and a USB output to connect the device to a computer, some consideration for the likely internal components was also required. In total I produced three concepts two of which made use of capacitive touch stripes for input while the third used normal buttons. All designs incorporated a screen for user feedback. Perhaps my favourite design is the one that comprises of a swing out USB plug and funnily enough this the concept the experts/pro-users liked the least. Still people are never going to be in total agreement during an open hardware project.