Sheffield Half Marathon

Yesterday I competed in the unofficial Sheffield Half Marathon, I say unofficial because the race was cancelled prior to the start due to a lack of water. I didn’t in fact learn of the race cancellation until I had finished, as there was very little in the way of communication with the runners at the start line. The event has been covered thoroughly by the national press so there’s no need to go into detail about the (dis)organisation of the event¬†here. One thing I am very concerned about however is whether the event will ever take place again, I have competed in the Sheffield Half Marathon for the past three years and I’d like for Sheffield to continue to have an annual race of this type. The mood of the runners on Sunday is something I have never experienced before, I didn’t speak to a single runner who wished to race again in 2015 and I fear that without some major organisational change next year, the race will cease to exist.

The race organisers (Sheffield Half Marathon Ltd) have promised a full investigation, regardless of the outcome of this I think the damage has been done and future events organised by them will fail to attract the number of runners needed to hold a successful event. I decided to start a petition with the council to prevent the organisers from organising next years race, with the hope being that a new entity will step forward to organise next years race and instil some confidence that next year there wont be any mishaps.

You can view and/or sign the petition HERE.

The Sheffield Star have also run a piece on this HERE.