Oxfam Water Tap Project

My lack of project activity recently can probably be chalked up to the fact that I’ve been spending all of my free time working on an very worthwhile open source design project for oxfam. The project is to design a low cost water dispensing solution, which encourages use my children in a sanitary manner, you can read more about the project here : Oxfam Open Design Project. Here is how my design has progressed so far:


Click the photo for more info about my design

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PhD focus change

After a lot of literature research around functionally graded materials and their medical applications, it has become apparent that a macro (as opposed to a micro) structure design methodology may give a wider benefit for component design. I have decided to refocus my research along the line of topology optimisation.

Casing concepts for open hardware project

It occurred to me yesterday that I had completed concept designs for some password protection hardware, then completely forgotten about the project! You can follow the current progress of the hardware on the Hackaday website (search for ‘mooltipass’). After submitting concept designs for this open hardware project it became apparent that the goal of the project was to develop hardware for experts / pro-users, this isn’t something I really have an interest in as I believe every piece of design should be approachable and user friendly as possible. Still, I think the renders I produced look really good.

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Quadcopter anti-vibrational mount

The motivation behind my quadcopter project was to develop a platform for aerial photography. As a first step I thought I would try attaching one of my action cameras to the quad for a test flight, as my 808 #16 camera is no longer in regular use it was the ideal candidate. After my experiences with the rolling shutter effect and my Mobius camera I knew I would need to isolate the camera from the vibrations generated by the quadcopter motors.

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