Author: jpalmer

Laser Cut Medal Hanger

(Perhaps in a fit of vanity) I decided that a medal hanging solution, for my office, was a good idea.   [...]

Casing concepts for open hardware project

It occurred to me yesterday that I had completed concept designs for some password protection hardware, then completely forgotten about the project! You can [...]

Quadcopter first flight footage

Below is a video recorded during the first real flight of my quadcopter, using the 808 #16 camera which was mounted on board. The quad makes use of the [...]

Quadcopter anti-vibrational mount

The motivation behind my quadcopter project was to develop a platform for aerial photography. As a first step I thought I would try attaching one of my action [...]

The ‘Rolling Shutter Effect’ and the Mobius Action Camera

While using my Mobius camera to record some footage while skiing, I encountered a pretty unusual problem, at certain points the recorded video began to [...]

Standing desk on the cheap

While I think the health benefits of a standing desk are often overstated, my daily routine currently consists entirely of sitting down (work, car, home) save [...]

Quadcopter modification one

[ezcol_2third]After a few practice flights I noticed that the protective foam ring was doing relatively little, so I decided to remove it. The foam ring is [...]